Investing Responsibly

Investing Responsibly

We take an active interest in how companies in our portfolio manage ESG factors, and, on behalf of our investors, encourage companies to adhere to the highest standards of business conduct.

Since inception, we have been committed to integrating ESG principles across all stages of our investment process. We formalised this commitment through the recent establishment of our ESG Committee, with the aim of actively enhancing our existing practices.



  • Rigorous preliminary ESG analysis
  • Screening of investment opportunities against our Responsible Investing Policy and certain identified prohibited sectors
  • Active discussion of relevant ethical considerations
  • Application of PwC ESG toolkit to identify ESG risks and value creation opportunities
  • Appointment of third-party ESG specialists on a case-by-case basis to inform the final investment decision



  • Monitoring and compliance.
  • Active engagement with management teams to unlock potential ESG value.
  • Ensuring that the assessment of ongoing, relevant ESG risk is a priority for portfolio company management
  • Regular and active collection of KPIs and participation in the ESG Data Convergence Initiative
  • Open and transparent dialogue with LPs



  • Preparation of ESG overview and/or vendor due diligence
  • Sharing of ESG achievements and roadmap plan with prospective buyers