Investing Responsibly

Investing Responsibly

We take an active interest in how companies in our portfolio manage ESG factors, and, on behalf of our investors, encourage companies to adhere to the highest standards of business conduct.

ESG factors are embedded across the entire investment lifecycle – from deal screening and due diligence to the holding period and through to exit.


Screening of all potential investments to inform due diligence requirements and investment decision

  • Application of exclusionary criteria
  • Controversy screening for major ESG risks


Support due diligence on material risks and opportunities to inform investment decisions and
post-investment plans

  • Advise on expanded ESG due diligence and materiality assessment (e.g. ESG Toolkit)
  • Support in appointing third-party ESG specialists on a case-by-case basis
  • Incorporation of findings into investment memos and discussion by the Investment Committee and the relevant boards of Equistone


Support portfolio companies in their efforts to improve ESG performance

  • Inclusion of ESG objectives in 100-day plan where relevant
  • Advise management on development of ESG roadmap, milestones and objectives
  • Ongoing discussion of ESG matters
  • Annual collection and monitoring of ESG KPIs


Capturing ESG performance throughout life of the investment and exit

  • Documentation and communication of ESG performance improvement

For more detailed information, please read our Responsible Investing and Stewardship Policy