Community Engagement

Community Engagement

The Equistone team has a long history of community engagement. Consistent with Equistone’s locally adapted model, charitable support and engagement is tailored in each geography. In practice, this means that we partner with a number of charities across Europe either through our local charity initiatives or through individual efforts.

The following is a selection of charities that received support from Equistone in 2021. Equistone team members have also been encouraged to volunteer and/or individually raise capital for charities of their choice, in some cases with Equistone committing to match the amount of donations raised.

Fondation pour la recherche médicale
One of the largest not-for-profit sources of funding for French medical research into cancer, neurological and psychiatric diseases, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, diabetes, and other rare diseases.

Institut de l’Engagement
Enabling thousands of young people to prepare for their future through volunteering initiatives.

Tout le monde contre le Cancer
For the past 15 years, this charity has supported patients and their families, both in care settings and at home, in their fight against cancer.

Réseau Entreprendre
Supporting entrepreneurs in 10 countries by mentoring and providing grants to contribute to job creation across the globe.

Thrombosis UK
Increasing awareness of the risks, signs and symptoms of thrombosis and supporting research on prevention and best management of the disease.