PREMIUMcommunications Group wird avocis

The PREMIUMcommunications Group is becoming avocis

18 Feb 2011

From now on, the brand avocis will ensure clear and transparent structures  

The PREMIUMcommunications Group previously combined the individual brands theBEEcompany,, SIM Communication, DIMA Systems, TELAGcompany, and MEDICcompany. In order to make the strengths of these brands more transparent and to accomplish complex tasks together, the company is now trading under the umbrella name avocis. The company, which last year was able increase the turnover of €164 million to 180 million and achieve a two-figure EBITDA, is thus continuing its success story, which began in 2002. avocis will use Call Center World, which will be taking place in Berlin from next Monday, to introduce itself to customers, partners, and the public under the new name.  

Its size and market share make avocis one of the three biggest communications service providers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. avocis’ range of services encompasses all kinds of customer services, including all issues relating to information, consultancy, and second-level helpdesk in inbound operations. In outbound operations, the array of services ranges from lead qualification, to cross and upselling, to aftersales care and field service support. In addition to core competence in the call centre sector, avocis also offers other integrated services. It implements complex, sector-specific, multilingual projects for customers at 14 locations in Germany and Switzerland.  

"Converting to a single brand will make the comprehensive range of services they can obtain from us, and the service options that emerge for them in the value creation chain, even clearer to our customers, with no frictional losses. We are thus following the ‘one face to the customer’ principle", says Marcus Meloni, avocis CEO, summarising the advantages of the rebranding.  

Further expansion of services with a high level of complexity: avocis speaks to its customers, who come from a wide range of sectors, "with a single voice, but in a way each customer can understand" (Marcus Meloni). The spectrum of sectors ranges from banks and insurance agencies, to telecommunications and media companies, to the energy industry, trade, and healthcare services. "We will continue to develop our position and portfolio in these key sectors", explains Albert Klotz, the chairman of the avocis executive board in Germany. According to him, this is first and foremost a matter of further expanding services with a high level of complexity. But new services are also planned under the unified umbrella brand, for example in the small and medium-sized enterprises sector.  

Closer customer relations is the top priority.  Whilst avocis will be providing these comprehensive services under one brand, they will be provided by specialised regional and functional units, which means that avocis can respond to a huge variety of customer requirements individually.  With the new unified brand strategy, the company is combining its know-how into new organisation units, such as avocis healthcare or avocis finance.  These include, for example, an account management team which is not only the first contact point for strategic customers, but above all also advises customers in identifying new potential for value creation.  "The top priority at avocis will continue to be, as it has always been, close customer relations, but the rebranding will enable us to communicate this priority more clearly", CEO Marcus Meloni confirmed.

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