Mecaplast-Key Plastics devient Novares

Mecaplast-Key Plastics rebrands as Novares

19 Sep 2017

Mecaplast-Key Plastics group, one of the world’s leading automotive plastic solutions provider has unveiled its new brand identity to be: ‘Novares’. This rebranding exercise reflects both the evolution and new ambition set for the company, ensuring growth for the future.

Having recently solidified its financial position with Equistone as main shareholder, and joining forced in a merger with Key Plastics (Dec. 2016), the company has refreshed its vision and strategy to the market with a focus on value creation, technical products, innovation as well as increasing its global expansion. The merger of both companies has created for customers, a strong global footprint, a balanced product portfolio, and an engineering and innovation strike force with best-in-class manufacturing capabilities.

As a technical component & systems provider, Novares offers car manufacturers and Tier-1s a portfolio of 7 distinct product lines. They have been defined by using the company’s strengths and capabilities, have been aligned to capture key market opportunities:

  • Engine Components: comprises Air Management, Oil Management, Water Management, Engine Acoustic and Aero, and Tanks.
  • e-Powertrain Components: include Battery Boxes including components such as: Air Guides, Crash Box, Water Management with Water Cooling Inlets & Outlets.
  • Bezels & Clusters: consists of Bezels & Clusters.
  • Air Vents & Decoration Trims: includes Air Vents & Kinematics, Deco Trims.
  • Interior & Car Body Trim: covers Center Consoles, Dashboard Components, Cowl Grill & Wheel Arch Flares, Full Cockpit & Trunk packages, Roof Consoles, Body Acoustic & Aero Black parts.
  • Handles: encompasses Interior & Exterior Handles, Fuel Door and Inside Liftgate Handles with autonomous mechanisms.
  • Exterior Paint & Surfaces: offers painting capabilities, full manufacturing process for mid-size parts such as Spoilers & Tailgate Trims, Body Side Moldings, Roof Bars and Rails.

Novares believes that plastics production will contribute to the evolution of the automotive industry. Novares’ vision of the market foresees the need for global suppliers to closely partner with worldwide car manufacturers, produce plastic components that will enable cleaner, lighter, more connected, and user-friendly cars. This refreshed vision has been a key reason to restructure the company’s offering and to address market opportunities. The company’s new brand identity confirmed our merger rationale, a successful transformation, currently 10,000 employees and 1.2Bn euros in revenue (as of Dec.2016).

“It is a very exciting time for us all. We have repositioned ourselves using our strengths in a more proactive way to capture market opportunities and to meet the demands of our customers. We have become one united, international team and are excited about our prospective future” says Pierre Boulet, CEO of Novares.

The new company name, Novares, has significance in two parts:

‘NOVA’ in Latin means Innovate. ‘Innovation or literally ‘a new way’. This also relates to our mantra: ‘we never stop inventing’ and explains the group’s ability to listen to customers’ needs and to anticipate key trends.

‘RES’, in Latin is ‘Fact’. We provide pragmatic, tangible solutions to match customer demands with functional solutions. We strive to be proactive and responsive to customers’ needs.

We have created a special font for our logo. The V and the A with a dot in the middle of the A represents our side by side customer partnership strategy and global proximity.

Our company’s new logo evokes a baseline expertise as technical component and systems provider. The triangle design represents complex components, our integration expertise and together symbolizes the puzzle seen in the automotive world. It is an explosion of colors, and expresses our desire to drive innovative solutions to make the future of automotive come true. The globe with triangles is a symbol for complex components, our capacity to assembly, our integration expertise. It is as well as a symbol for expansion as we are expanding ourselves.

Whilst the graphics, logo and tagline have changed, the company’s global value proposition and market promise remain focused on 3 key areas to deliver customers: 1: Global Proximity 2: Reliable Execution and 3: Pragmatic Innovation.

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