Barclays Private Equity erwirbt MPS Meat Processing Systems

Barclays Private Equity acquires MPS Meat Processing Systems

16 Aug 2010

Barclays Private Equity Germany (BPE) has acquired a majority stake in the Dutch company MPS Meat Processing Systems. BPE funds hold in the future more than 75 percent, with the remaining shares being held by numerous MPS management members. Steadfast Capital, which had held a controlling stake in the company since July 2004, sold the shares as part of a secondary buyout. Agreements were reached to keep the sale price confidential. The objective of the transaction is to continually expand the company through organic and inorganic growth as well as to cement MPS's position as the clear global leader in the development, production and installation of red meat slaughtering systems.


  • ​Barclays Private Equity Germany takes over global market leader in modern slaughtering systems
  • Further strategic expansion of the company planned together with the management
  • Takeover from Steadfast Capital via secondary buyout

The company was founded in 1904 in Winterswijk and became MPS Meat Processing Systems in 2004 after a series of acquisitions. The company is the global leader in modern red meat slaughtering systems, cutting and deboning systems, logistics systems for the meat and food processing industry as well as industrial wastewater treatment systems. MPS offers an extensive range of services from designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing the systems to cold storage logistics and wastewater treatment systems, making it a full-line supplier in meat processing. In 2009 the company generated total sales of approximately EUR 100 million with roughly 500 employees.

'We are very pleased about the acquisition of MPS Meat Processing Systems. The company's management is excellent and it offers a broad base of services that can be applied across the entire value chain of meat processing. MPS impresses with innovation, functionality and quality. In conjunction with a series of new developments, these are outstanding conditions for continuous growth', Michael H. Bork, Managing Director of Barclays Private Equity Germany, said of the acquisition and the equity investor's strategy.

'Barclays Private Equity is known for solid financing and systematically expanding mid-sized companies, including potential acquisitions. For us, Barclays Private Equity is an ideal partner with whom we can also continue to achieve disproportionate growth by way of strategic acquisitions amongst other means', stated Remko Rosman, CEO of MPS Meat Processing Systems, commenting on their future collaboration. 'We look forward to working together!'

>Michael H. Bork and Marc Arens are responsible for investment at Barclays Private Equity Germany.

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