Oikos Group

Oikos Group is a leading German provider of prefabricated houses.

Oikos Group covers the entire value chain for prefabricated houses from shell construction to turnkey-ready housing solutions under the Hanse Haus, Bien-Zenker and Living Haus brands. The group is active in its core market of Germany, as well as Austria, Switzerland and the UK.

Through its three brands, the group serves a wide variety of customer segments that are attracted to the brands’ appealing architectural designs, affordability, reliability, environmental credentials, and the idea of building their own homes.

With a broad product portfolio and strong reputation for design, manufacture and construction of high-quality homes, Oikos Group has grown into a leading player in Europe.


Equistone has worked closely with Oikos Group to support its plans for further growth and to realise synergies between the operating companies, Hanse Haus and Bien-Zenker. This has included the:

  • Establishment of a holding structure, including the Oikos brand, and respective group management team.
  • Introduction of a best-practice approach between the two operating companies to align processes and to further strengthen operational excellence, improve sales structures and recruitment processes.
  • Investment in the digitisation of the business, particularly for sales, operations and the customer journey.
  • Increased focus on ESG and green marketing.  

Supported by strong market dynamics, Oikos Group achieved significant organic growth and total output increased from €310m at acquisition to €421m for the year ending December 2020.


Equistone sold its Fund V investment in Oikos Group to West Street Capital Partners VIII, a fund managed by Goldman Sachs.

* Total output.

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Jan 2018 - May 2021



Business Description


Revenue Progression

€310m / €421m*

Employees at ACQ.


Investment Type

Secondary MBO

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Together with Equistone, we have been able to strengthen our leading position across Europe, targeting important areas such as digitalization as well as the expanding our competence in ESG and a sustainable marketing strategy.