Andra Tech Group

Andra Tech Group is a leading group of high-tech precision parts manufacturers.

Founded in Oss, in the Netherlands, in 1973, Andra Tech Group (formerly Kusters Beheer) has grown into a group of five companies, which produce high-tech precision mechanical components and modules, with eight production facilities and about 300 highly skilled employees.

Andra Tech Group has an international customer base primarily in the semiconductor market, as well as in aerospace, automotive, packaging, food and medical industries. The business has established a strong reputation for its specialist knowledge and expertise of working with complex metals, plastics and composites, using state-of-the art technology, such as 3D metal printing, and clean room assembly facilities.

The business manufacturers high-tech prototypes, small to medium-sized batches of precision parts and also develops products that can be manufactured on a large scale. The business is often involved at the R&D stage and through the entire life cycle of a product or component.

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Mar 2021



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Industrial engineering

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