Equistone Partners Europe
About Us

At Equistone Partners Europe (Equistone) we have always believed in making public our portfolio investments and exits and welcome the steps taken by the private equity industry to codify best practice in transparency principles and good governance.  In addition, we recognise that our stakeholders are interested in the structure and workings of Equistone:

Management and governance structure

The Investment Manager of our funds is Equistone Partners Europe Limited (Equistone) which is authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority.  Equistone is a UK limited company ultimately owned by 36 of the key executives in the business.

Equistone makes investment and divestment decisions through a European Investment Committee, chaired by Chief Investment Officer Owen Clarke.  The other members of the European Investment Committee are:  Michael Bork, Guillaume Jacqueau, Peter Hammermann, Rob Myers and Grégoire Châtillon.

A Senior Management Team makes business and operational decisions on a Europe-wide basis.

The Senior Management Team comprises a Management Board and Supervisory Board, whose members are:  Michael Bork, Simon Brown, Owen Clarke, Guillaume Jacqueau, Peter Hammermann, Christiian Marriott and Rob Myers.  Conflicts of interest, Corporate and Social responsibility (CSR), and wider reputational issues are all factors that are addressed at each operational or investment decision stage.

Our Funds

Equistone Partners Europe currently manages four funds:

  • Equistone Partners Europe Fund I, formed in 2002
  • Equistone Partners Europe Fund II, formed in 2005
  • Equistone Partners Europe Fund III, formed in 2007
  • Equistone Partners Europe Fund IV, formed in 2011


Barclays Bank PLC made a commitment to co-invest alongside each of the first three Funds and continues to be co-invested alongside the Funds’ investors.  100% of the Fund IV capital has been raised from existing and new clients of Equistone, and Barclays is not an investor in or with Fund IV.

Our investors are mainly substantial institutions based in Europe, North America, the Gulf or Asia.  The types of institution for whom we manage capital include:  Sovereign Wealth Funds, Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, family offices and specialist private equity fund or funds managers.

Alignment of interest

Most of the executives of Equistone are partners in the business and therefore as business owners we have a high degree of empathy with the management teams who we are seeking to support in our investments.  Additionally, the executives invest their own money into vehicles that invest into and alongside the funds and which entitle them to receive a carried interest in the profits generated by each fund.  This closely aligns the economic interests of the executives with the investors.

Portfolio company compliance with the Walker Report

We recognise the need for transparency in our investment activity and each of our portfolio companies and portfolio exits can be found on this website.  In addition, further comment on the investments and exits in a specific year are included in each of our annual newsletters.

For further information about these issues, please contact Christiian Marriott, Fundraising and Investor Relations:  christiian.marriott@equistone.uk.